New Ancestry Search For Free

by on December 28, 2010

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 New Ancestry Search For Free
Ancestry Search announced several changes to its ancestry search free website. The soft launch approach allows Ancestry search free databases to implement the new website in stages to ensure all critical elements are functioning as desired. Once complete, the website will be promoted more broadly.

  • Why Change?
  • What’s New?
  • More Help?

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Why Change?

The updated version of the Ancestry search free website gives you a richer family history experience by putting all ancestry content, services, and products on the same site. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • More indexes, records, and documents…all published more frequently.
  • An improved search experience that scans more content and gives more accurate results.
  • A thriving genealogical community where you can give and receive help.
  • A single user name and password for all Ancestry search free products and services.
  • Responsive, reliable, and scalable hardware and software on which the site can grow and improve.

What’s New?

Perhaps the most exciting changes involve searches. Searching historical records and databases is now available from a single page. You can customize your search in many new and exciting ways. Searching the microfilm catalog is also clearer and more intuitive. In addition, finding local family history centers is easy with a revised look that lets you find a location using a world map. There are also a host of new information resources available in the all new Learn section. So Try the new Ancestry Search Free Database today!